Summer Schedule and Roster

The Bay Warriors have had 14 alums go on to play at the D1 level and many others go on to play at the D2, D3, NAIA and Juco levels
In July the Bay Area Warriors will be at the following three NCAA sanctioned events:
July 13-14 at Gerry Freitas' NorCal Summer Tip Off
(On Saturday we play at 9:30 and 12:30 and on Sunday at 9:30 am and 11:30)
July 19-21 at Pango's Cream of the Crop at Cerritos College and other LA locations
July 25-28 at Fab 48 in Las Vegas
Our roster includes several good 2014 prospects including:
Jiday Ubaja, Archbishop Riordan - 6'1" point guard. super strong and quick All-WCAL 2nd Team. Note Jiday was invited and will be playing in the Nike Global Challenge in Washington DC for the Pan-African team from July 17-21
Chiefy Ubaja, Archbishop Riordan - 6'4" super athletic. Great shot blocker and rebounder.  Was first team All-WCAL.  Good student
Jack Gale, University HS - 6'5" shooting guard with good athleticism, great skills and feel for the game.  Great student.
Sam Kreisberg, College Prep - a thick 6'6" and possibly still growing. Note Sam's older brother Jeremiah Kreisberg (6'9") plays and has been a regular starter at Yale.  Great student
Jared Nodar, St. Mary's - 6'5" wing who is very good shooter and smart player being the son of a coach (Manny Nodar at St. Mary's HS).  Very Good student
Keith Hunter, Oakland HS - 6'2" versatile guard.  Good Shooter and Good Student
Tony Caletti, Branson - 6'2" point guard, very good shooter.  Great student
Nick Aronce-Camp, St. Ignatius - 6'1" shooting guard.  Good shooter and very good athlete. Good student.
Armani Reed, Rodriquez - 6'2" strong guard
Evan Louie, Lowell - 5'9" smart player and great shooter.  Very good student
Desmond Hatter, Trinity-Pawling - 6'4" forward, quick and athletic with a lot of upside.  Good Student.
Liam Dwyer, SF Waldorff - 6'3" good skills and athleticism. Liam is going to Salsbury Prep School next year and re-classifying as 2015
Christian Wilborn, Sacred Heart Cathedral - 6'3" shooting guard.  Great shooter and great student (2015)
Tristan Wentworth, St. Ignatius - 5'11" guard, very skilled and very good shooter. great student (currently injured)
Please let me know if you want more information on any of these guys.
Randy Bessolo
Bay Area Warriors
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