Warriors Complete Succcessful 2019 Season in Vegas

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The Bay City Warriors completed a successful 2019 Season in Vegas at the BigTime Tournament.

The first year of Bay City Warriors Joint Venture was a big success as the program had two teams at the 17U, 16U and 15U levels.

The 17U Showcase Team went 14-8 in the Spring and 10-5 in the summer including an impressive 6-2 in the WCE NCAA sanctioned event in Anaheim and 3-2 in Vegas.

The 16U Showcase Team made all the way to the Championship Game in Vegas and the 15U Showcase Team made the Final Four in Vegas. All 3 Blue Teams also had winning showings in Vegas.

Congrats to all of the Bay City Warriors Teams in 2019. We are already looking forward to 2020

Bay City Warriors 17s Showcase Roster

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Coaches and Scouts,

The Bay City Warriors will be playing in the West Coast Elite Spring Kick Off event at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, CA on 4/26 to 28.

We are a San Francisco based program with a 14 year History of helping our players find colleges at the D1, D2, D3, NAIA and Juco levels.   All of our players are good students and coachable athletes.  All are in the class of 2020.

I have provided our roster below.   Please let me know if you want any additional information or contact info for any of them.

Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

Oscar Cheng #24, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, 6’8” post - good size and solid skills.  Very good defender, passer and scores close to basket.   Very good student.

Kori McCoy #6, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, 5’11” point guard - super quick.  Great penetrator who can score and distribute.  Great on ball defender

Jai Deshpande #0, Sacred Heart Prep (Menlo Park), 6’5” wing - very long and athletic.  Can really score slashing to finish with dunks and shooting 3’s.  Very good student.

Ethan Jetter #33, California HS, 6’5” wing - big, strong and athletic.  Can score inside and on perimeter.  Good passer and rebounder

Leo Tillson #25, St. Mary’s, 6’5” wing - great 3 point shooter and team player.  Tough and strong rebounder and defender.  Very good student

A.J. Gilbert #22, Albany HS, 5’11” point guard - great leader and classic point guard.  Very skilled and smart player.  Can distribute and score.  Very good student

Dom Wilson #12, Riordan, 6’4” forward - great competitor and defender.  Versatile on offense.  Does all the tough stuff to help his team.

Everett Banks #21, St. Mary’s, 6’1” guard - strong and athletic combo guard.  Very athletic.  Versatile scorer and great defender.  Very good student

Antonio Abeyta #23, Serra, 5’11” point guard - super quick and skilled.  Great tough defender and versatile scorer.  Very good student.

Allen Wilson #35, Lick-Wilmerding, 6’ guard - great shooter who can create own shot.  Tough defender.  Very good student

Jonas Willet #15, El Cerrito HS, 6’3” guard - great shooter with versatile skills.  

Sean McDevitt #34, Marin Catholic, 6’1” guard - very skilled guard.  Great shooter and passer.  

City All Stars Go Out in Style!

IMG_9386 (1).jpg

Great Time for all the All Stars.

Congrats to:

Girls 3-Point Champ - KD Lee of Lowell

Girls MVP - Maddie Ennis of SI

Dunk Champion - Neal Begovich of SI

Boys MVP - Neal Begovich of SI

Boys 3-Point Champ - Jackie Luong of Washington

Big crowd of 500 fans and some great media coverage too. Congrats to all the Seniors!


12th Annual City All Star Game on 4/5 at CCSF


We will be hosting the 12th Annual City All Star Game on Friday April 5th at CCSF.   The Girls Game will tip-off at 5:30 and the Boys game at 7:00 pm.  The Game will once again be played in the Memory coach Mike Gragnani who passed away in 2010.  Per CIF rules the game will only include Seniors.   We will also have a dunk and 3 point shooting contest.  There is no charge to participate and the players get to keep their uniform.  We do charge $5 admission to help cover our costs.  We typically break even and if there are net proceeds they are donated to the Bay Area Warriors non-profit. 

I have made a list of invitees based on the All-League Teams from the AAA, BCL and WCAL and my first hand knowledge.  If you have any Seniors who you think are also deserving, please send me a nomination with some background information and we will add them provided roster space is available.

If you have a player on the invite list, please get me their phone number and/or email address so I can invite them directly.  If you prefer, you can forward this to them ask them to contact me at 415 418 4568.

Note we always get a quick response and great participation from the Boys invitees.  It is always more work to get a response from the Girls invitees.  Any help rallying the girls is greatly appreciated.  We also may invite some Girls All Stars from the PAL.

This event has been a great way to bring players together from the Public, Private and Catholic Leagues, a lot of fun and a great way for the Seniors to end their high school careers.

Thanks for your help!

Coach Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

University HS

Bay Area Warriors

Boys City All Stars Invitees:

Chime Ugbaja, Riordan

Justice Turner, Riordan

Zac Quanico, Riordan

Desean Johnson, Riordan

Elijah Flowers, SHCP

Oisin McCormak, SHCP

Cedric Reed, SHCP

Lawvan Johns, SHCP

Neal Begovich, SI

Sam Nangle, SI

Wrenn Robinson, SI

Garrett Cason, SI

Ben Knight, Mission

Jaraughn Torno, Mission

David Sonnier, Mission

Jackie Luong, Washington

Da'Jon Aranas, Washington

Zachary Polianos, Washington

Luke Yoda, Galileo

Shakur Blaylock, Lincoln

Pajri Samhi, Lincoln

Gabino Valdivia, Lincoln

Alex Mueller, Balboa

Shaakir Malik, Balboa

Emani Morris, Balboa

Jace Ng. Lowell

Laray Crossley, Walllenberg

Max Fried, University

Charley Moore, University

Reese Johnson, University

Jacques McFadeen, University

Alex Byrd, Stuart Hall

Miles Amos, Stuart Hall

Spencer O'Brien-Steele, Stuart Hall

Sam Faber, Marin Academy

Zach Johnson, Lick Wilmerding

Finn Horrowitz, Lick Wilmerding

Moze Thurmgreene, JCHS

Toby Holm, JCHS

Ian Antuk, Gateway

Juanito Cruz, International

Marquez Costiano, Jefferson

JJ Cruz, Jefferson

Girls City All Stars Invitees

Talo Li-Uperesa, SHCP

Kayla Yasukawa, SHCP

Madeline Ennis, SI

Kerry Fitzgerald, SI

Dara Murphy, SI

Katelyn "KD" Lee, Lowell

Lauren Chan, Lowell

Alisa Petalver, Lowell

Crystal Luu, Lowell

Alyson Lee, Lowell

Sara Kamita, Mission

Lily Donova, Lincoln

Francesca Cornell, Lincoln

Ainsley Sanidad, Balboa

Kimberly Kam, Burton

Eve Nguyen, Washington

Sharon Yang, Washington

Jaya Peleseuma, Academy

Nia Jones, Academy

Nicole Gonzales, Galileo

Mikayla Amoroso, Wallenberg

Kamiah Brown, Wallenberg

Christine Luo-Weng, Wallenberg

Jessica Castaneda, ICA

Ashlyn Simbe, ICA

Lily Battat, University

Grace Feinberg, University

Ella Pearl, University

Samantha Foong, Lick Wilmerding

Mason Cooney, Convent

Adriana Zamora, Mercy

Brenda Escobar, Mercy

Kamryn You Mak, Bay

Cameron Burns, Bay

Phoebe Brown, Bay

Juliana Shin, Interenational

Tianji Lukins, International

Alessandra Aceves, Gateway

Kaitlyn Tran, Drew

Stella Kahn, Drew

Valeria Martinez, Oceana

Partnership Announced: Bay City Warriors


Bay Area Warriors & Bay City Basketball Partnership:

Two of San Francisco's top boys high school AAU programs have decided to collaborate to form one strong brand.  This exciting new program will provide San Francisco Bay Area high school players with an excellent program that specializes in development and placing players in all levels of college basketball. (D1/D2/D3, high academic, etc) .  The program will feature local high school coaches that have experience coaching high school basketball, played college basketball and are dedicated to helping the kids succeed on and off the court.

The mission of the Bay City Warriors is to educate and help youth develop athletic skills while gaining a level of confidence and self-esteem that they can use on and off the court. The organization aims to serve the youth of San Francisco- Bay Area and mentor young student athletes regardless of their economic status. 



High School Tryout Schedule

Program Description and Schedule:

Bay City Warriors 2019 Schedule - click link to view

Our Bay City Warriors Teams are for experienced high school basketball players that want to play college basketball and are extremely serious about their basketball development.

In addition, we will help the players gain exposure and get seen by college coaches / scouts in the highest quality viewing tournaments and high academic camps. 

In 2019, the NCAA has re-organized their live period schedule and there are only two periods in which AAU teams are allowed to be viewed by D1 college coaches.

During those periods we will be attending camps and tournaments that we feel will be best for our specific players level of exposure.  

We have carefully added additional tournaments/camps in which D2/D3 and JUCO coaches will be in attendance that are outside the "Live Period".

The Bay City Warriors will wear Adidas uniforms and gear but be an independent team for 2019.  This means we will attend the tournaments and camps in which we feel will best benefit our players no matter what company or brand is running the event. This gives us more flexibility to schedule what is best for our teams and players.

We will offer the following services to Bay City Warriors players:

  • Identify the necessary skill improvements to taking your game to the collegiate level, and immediately begin helping you train and improve those skills

  • Counsel players on the appropriate schools/level of college basketball they should pursue 

  • Assist in contacting and developing relationships with college coaches 

  • Putting you in front of college coaches to get the proper level of exposure that is right for you.

  • Expanding leadership skills on and off the court

  • Facilitate the production of highlight tapes and social media promotion where approproate



Randy Bessolo
Program Director & Head Coach 17u

Randy Bessolo is one of the Bay Area's most accomplished coaches and has a proven track record of getting his players to play in college. He will be leading the program and is committed to helping ALL Bay City Warriors players get recruited whenever possible.

Bay Area Warriors Alumni

See Randy's full Bio

Matt Durell
Program Director & 16u Head Coach

Coach Durell's Bay City Select 2019 team last year featured 12 players that potentially will play college basketball in 2019-2020.  Matt has 10 years of high school basketball coaching experience and has coached and organized AAU for an additional 15 years.

He has coached in multiple national viewing tournaments on the west coast and has developed numerous college coaching connections along the way.

See Matt's full Bio


Jon Shogan
Bay City Youth Director & 15u Head Coach

Jon has been a varsity basketball coach for the past 6 years at Jewish Community HS.

Coach Shogan has also been coaching with Bay City youth program for 8 years and led the 2019 14u Select team to an amazing season in which they won several tournaments and succeeded at the highest level of AAU.

See Jon's full Bio


14th Annual Sunday Mini-League to Start 11/11/18


Parents and Coaches,

Thanks for participating in my previous camps and/or leagues.

Once again via my non-profit Bay Area Warriors Club program, we will be running our 14th Annual Sunday Mini-League on November 11th, 18th and 25th from roughly 10 am to 1 pm in the University High School Gym at 3185 Washington Street.  The Mini-League is geared towards 7th and 8th grade boys and is a great way for the players to get ready for their school season and have fun playing basketball.  Here is the schedule:

November 11th from 10 am to 12:30 - We will divide the players into teams and teach them "how to play" tactics and then have them play a series of mini-games

November 18th - Each team will play a game at a scheduled time between 10 am and 1 pm.

November 25th - Each team will play a semi-final game at 10 or 11 with the two winners playing in a League Championship Game at 12 noon

We keep the cost an affordable $30 (or $10 per day) and can scholarship players if necessary.  The fee covers our costs and any net proceeds go to our non-profit that supports our Bay Area Warriors high school club program.  If your son can only make one or two of the days we can still include them but you need to let me know which days they will be with us.

As mentioned above this will be the 14th year we have run this league and the games are always competitive, high scoring and fun.  As you can see below on our alumni list we have had a lot of players from the league go on to star at the high school level and play in college.

If you are interested in signing up your son, please print up the attached flier and fill it out.  You can return a scanned copy or photo of the registration page via email.  You can pay the $30 via PayPal using info@bayareawarriors.org.  Alternatively you can mail the form and a check made out to Bay Area Warriors to 50 San Rafael Way, SF, CA 94127.

Please help spread the word to your son's school and AAU teammates so we can get a great group of players again.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. 


Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

Mini-League Alumni:

Noah Springwater - UHS, Columbia University (D1)

Johnny Mrlik - SI, Vassar College

Ikenna Nwadibia - SHHS, Kenyon College

Stephen Domingo - SI, Georgetown, Cal (D1)

Harold Getz - UHS, Lewis & Clark College

David Medoff - UHS, Haverford College

Samson Donnick - Redwood, M.I.T.

Taylor Johns - SHCP, UC Riverside (D1)

Jack Gale - UHS, Pomona College

Tony Caletti - BHS, Vassar College

Joe Slocum - SHCP, Alaska Fairbanks

Jiday Ugbaja - Riordan, Sacramento State (D1)

Jaren Yang - SI, Gordan College

Trevor Dunbar - SI, Washington State (D1)

Troy Rike - SI, Wake Forest (D1)

Kyle Roach - MA, Whitworth College

Sean Gilmore - UHS, Colby College

Mattie Mrlik - UHS, Vassar College

Andre Campbell - Urb, Oberlein College

Micah Elan - LW, Pomona College

Henry Feinberg - BHS, Williams College

Will Emery - SI, Dartmouth College (D1)

Julian Manyika – UHS, M.I.T.

Spencer Spivy - UHS, Williams College


Super Summer 2018

Bay Area Warriors - Gold

Bay Area Warriors - Gold

The Bay Area Warriors had a super summer.  Notably Gold ended the summer 10-3 in the the three NCAA sanctioned events with some great wins and all the losses were by 3 pts or less.  Blue went a perfect 4-0 in SoCal and showed well in Vegas.  The 16s won the Oakland Rebels Tourney and won 2 games in Vegas.  Congrats to all the Bay Area Warriors on a super summer! .  Thanks to all our coaches and families!  Good luck to all in the 2018-19 high school season

Warriors Winning in July NCAA Evaluation Period

Warriors 16s Win Oakland Rebels Tourney Championship!

Warriors 16s Win Oakland Rebels Tourney Championship!

The Bay Area Warriors are off to a great start in the July NCAA Evaluation Period

- The Bay Area Warriors Gold Team was in impressive 4-0 in the NorCal Summer Showcase in Livermore and then followed it up with a strong 3-1 showing in the Pangos Cream of the Crop Challenge in Orange County

- Bay Area Warriors Blue was dominant in going 4-0 at the Pangos Cream of the Crop Challenge

- Bay Area Warriors 16s went undefeated and won the 16U Championship at the Oakland Rebels July Tournament

- All three teams are looking ready for Las Vegas where all three will be competing in the NCAA sanctioned BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic 7/25-29

Go Warriors!!!



Warriors Ready for July, 2018 NCAA Evaluation Period


Coaches and Scouts,

Please note the Bay Area Warriors will be playing in the three NCAA sanctioned events in July:

July 13-14 - NorCal Summer Tip-Off in Livermore CA (Gerry Freitas - hoopreview.net)

July 19-21 - Full Court Press Cream of the Crop in Garden Grove, CA (fullctpress.net)

July 25-29 - BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic (bigfoothoops.com)

We will have one or two teams in each event.  Our 16U team will also be active.  Here are the players on our 17U rosters you should check out.  All of the them are good academically.  If you want more information on any of them, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coach Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568



Gold Roster (2019 unless noted):


1.    Marlon Short, Monte Vista HS, 6'5"  - super athletic wing who can really slash and score.  Great defender and great motor.

2.    Max Fried, University HS, 6'4" - big, strong and athletic point guard.  Fills up the stat sheet with points, assists, rebounds and steals.  

3.    Charley Moore, University HS, 6'5" - long and athletic wing who can score.  Athlete who gets dunks and buckets

4.    Christian Pitcher, Berean Christian, 6'6" - big and strong with good athleticism.  Can play 2 through 5 positions and shoot with range

5.    Marshall Lott, V, California HS, 5'10" - super athletic guard who gets dunks and went to State Meet in High Jump.  Can score and ball hawk on defense.

6.    Chime Ugbaja, Riordan HS, 5'10" - super strong and very skilled.  His older brother played D1 basketball at Sac. State.  Classic point guard who can change the game with defensive pressure on the ball

7.    Charlie Raisin (Class of 2020), New Hampton Prep, 6'7" - big body and soft touch.  Great shooter.  Can play inside or on perimeter

8.    Jackie Luong, Washington HS, 6' - very skilled guard who can really shoot it.  Great feel for the game.  Can create his own shot

9.    Johnny Yu, St. Ignatius HS, 6' - shooter and skilled guard

10.  Eric Donaldson, Antioch HS, 6'4" - Strong versatile player who can play all 5 positions.  Note Eric is playing overseas with the 18U National Team for England in July.  If you want to connect with Eric please let me know.


Blue Roster (2019 unless noted):


1.    Brandon Radu, Redwood HS, 6'3" - very athletic scorer.  Can get to rim or shoot 3's

2.    Zac Quanico, Riordan HS, 5'8" - super quick point guard who can create or score from NBA range

3.    Marquez Costiniano, Jefferson HS, 5'10" - super quick point guard who can create or score.  Ballhawk on D.

4.    Chance Farrell-Martin, Redwood HS, 6'2" - big, strong and skilled point guard

5.    Jeylen Slaton, Newark-Memorial HS, 6'3" - strong, skilled and versatile

6.    Leo Tillson (Class of 2020), St. Mary's HS, 6'4" - versatile player who can shoot 3's and get to rim.  Good athlete.

7.    Jake Matthews, Redwood HS, 6'1" - strong, skilled and tough point guard 

8.    Ryan Daly (Class of 2020), St. Francis HS, 6'5" - very strong athlete who is can shoot it and is tough and smart.

9.     Dean Watson, Redwood HS, 6'5" - big and skilled forward.  Can play the post or perimeter


Bay Area Warriors 16s

Bay Area Warriors 16s

Bay Area Warriors 16s - Coached By Tony Khoo

1.  Shawn Cotton, Hillsdale

2.  Ren Zanze, University

2.  Ben Donnick, Redwood

3.  Tommy Quanstrom, Redwood

4.  JK Baker, University

5.  Raki Cabrera-Scarlatta, University

6.  Marc Montgomery, Bay

7.  Grant Lyon, University

8.  Rei Frei, Pinewood

9.  Johnny Elliott, Bay

10.  Thomas Dean, Lick

11.  Tarak Duggal, University

Class of 2018 Goes to College


Class of 2018

  • Spencer Spivy - University HS, Williams College (D3)
  • Julian Manyika - University HS, M.I.T. (D3)
  • Watida Mukukula - Riordan, Franklin & Marshall (D3)
  • Nate Robinson - Las Lomas, University of South Dakota (D1)
  • Sam Onche - Contra Costa Christian, Colby College (D3)
  • Walter Lum - Lick, Colby College (D3)
  • Ryan Cibull - Alameda, Lewis & Clark College (D3)


Notebook: Las Lomas basketball star makes college decision

Darren Sabedra June 22, 2018 at 11:47 am

Las Lomas’ Nathan Robinson (24) celebrates after defeating Palo Alto during their CIF Northern California Division I boys final at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, Calif. on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Las Lomas defeated Palo Alto 44-41. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

WALNUT CREEK — Nathan Robinson helped lead Las Lomas to unprecedented heights this past season as the Knights won the Northern California Division I regional championship to reach a state final.

Now the 6-foot-4 guard will continue his career at the University of South Dakota, having accepted a scholarship offer to play for a program that won 22 games two seasons ago and 26 last season.

“Well-deserved,” said Brian Dietschy, who stepped down as Las Lomas’ coach this month.

Robinson averaged 21 points, five rebounds and four assists per game, earning MVP honors in the Diablo Athletic League’s Foothill Division and first-team All-Bay Area News Group recognition.

“We are all excited,” said Robinson’s father, Mark.


2018 Warriors Announce Rosters

Warriors Logo.png

Coaches and Scouts,


Please note we will have two Bay Area Warriors 17U teams playing in the Spring NCAA evaluation period.  Both teams will be playing in the two events hosted by West Coast Elite and Gerry Freitas.


April 20-22 - So Cal Hoop Review at the MAP and Next Level Sports Complexes in Garden Grove, CA (Orange County)

April 27-29 - Nor Cal Spring Showcase at NB Courts in Livermore and Jamtown in Oakland


Here are our rosters for the two teams.  If you have questions or need more information on any of the players please contact me.


Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

Bay Area Warriors - Gold

Gold Team

Gold Team


Zach Galvin, 6'4" guard, Campolindo HS, 2019 - Zach is a coach's son who just moved back to the Bay Area after starring at Southridge HS a power program in Portland, Oregon.  Zach is super skilled, has great floor vision and plays real hard with a great motor.  Can really shoot it with range.  Very good student and great prospect.


Eric Donaldson, 6'5", Antioch HS, 2019 - Eric can play all 5 positions.   Another coach's son who fills up the stat sheet with rebounds, assists, steals and points.  Can score but loves to facilitate.  Very tough player.  High academic student.  First team All-League player in BVAL. 


Max Fried, 6'4", point guard, University HS, 2019 - Max is a big and quick point guard who fills up the stat sheet with assists, rebounds, steals and points.  Was first team All-League player as both a Soph and Junior.  (Note Max recently suffered a concussion and is now questionable for the Spring Evaluation period).  High academic student


Marlon Short, 6'5" wing, Monte Vista HS, 2019 - Marlon is a long and athletic slasher.  Can really get to the rim and defend.  Good motor.


Christian Pitcher, 6'6" forward, Berean Christian HS, 2019 - Big strong and athletic body.  Can shoot it with range.  Very versatile.  Can play 2 through 5 positions. All-League player as Junior 


Charley Moore, 6'5" wing, University HS, 2019 - long and athletic wing.  Can really score. Very good shooter and dunker.  High academic student.


Ryan Cibull, 6'2" guard, Alameda HS, 2018 - Great shooter and all-around player.  Very smart player who can handle and defend.  High academic student


Chime Ugbaja, 5'10" point guard, Riordan HS, 2019 - great motor and defender.  Quick penetrator and distributer.  his older brother Jiday was a D1 player at Sac State.


Jackie Luong, 6' guard, Washington HS, 2019 - very skilled and great shooter with range.  Smart player.  All-League in AAA as junior.  


Marshall Lot, 5'10" point guard, California HS, 2019 - Super fast and athletic point guard.  All-League recognition in EBAL


Whitner Reichman, 6'1" guard, University HS, 2020 - Very skilled scorer and great shooter



Bay Area Warriors - Blue


Brandon Radu, 6'3" guard, Redwood HS, 2019 - Very good athlete who can really score.  Good student


Dean Watson, 6'6'" forward, Redwood HS, 2019 - Good length and frame.  Strong skilled and smart.   Very good student 


Zac Quanico, 5'8" point guard, Riordan HS, 2019 - super quick and skilled. Can shoot it with range.  Great motor


Marquez Costiniano, 5'11" point guard, Jefferson HS, 2019 - super quick and skilled.  Good shooter and great motor


Jeylen Slaton, 6'3" forward, Newark-Memorial HS, 2019 - strong, skilled and productive


Kauchani Heredia-Bratt, 6'3" guard, Lincoln HS, 2019 - long and athletic.  Very productive on both sides of the ball.  good student


Jonny Yu, 6' guard, St. Ignatius, 2019 - great shooter with range.  Good student


Chance Farrell-Martin, 6'3" point guard, Redwood HS, 2019 - big, strong guard with skills


Jack Gerson, 6'5" forward, Redwood HS, 2019 - strong and skilled forward


Jake Mathews, 6' point guard, Redwood HS, 2019 - skilled, smart and tough guard


Leo Tillson, 6'5" forward, St. Mary's, 2020 - skilled, tough and smart player.


Ryan Daly, 6'5" wing, St. Francis, 2020 - very good athlete who is tough and can shoot it.



Blue Team

Blue Team

Warriors JV - Coached by Tony Khoo


Bay Area Warriors Collect Honors


The Bay Area Warriors are receiving a lot of recognition and honors for the 2017-18 High School Season.

Spencer Spivy - University HS (above)

- San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco Player of the Year

- San Francisco Examiner Senior of the Year

- BCL-West Player of the Year

- San Francisco Italian Athletic Club - Restani Trophy for being POY in SF

Nate Robinson - Las Lomas

-  San Francisco Chronicle - Tri-Valley Contra Costa County Player of the Year

- DFAL Player of the Year

- NorCalPreps All-NorCal

Walter Lum - Lick Wilmerding

- All BCL-West

- San Francisco Examiner Point Guard of the Year

Julian Manyika - University

- All BCL-West, Chronicle All-Metro HM

Eric Donaldson - Antioch

- All-BVAL, Chronicle All-Metro HM

Max Fried - University

- All BCL-West, Chronicle All-Metro HM

Charley Moore - University

- All-BCL-West





2018 City All Star Game a Slam Dunk!


Great fun at the 11 Annual City All Star Game on 4/5 with the White Team led by Omin Oglesby, who was game MVP, Robert Lee, Rodney Lawrence and Daniel Benjamin coming back including a couple highlight dunks in the closing minutes to beat Red by 108 to 104. Red had great performances by Spencer Spivy, Watida Mukukula and Walter Lum and led for most of the game. Spencer Spivy won the dunk contest and Julian Manyika won the 3 point contest. Thank you Seniors!


11 Annual City All Game on April 5th - Rosters Announced


Coaches, ADs and City All Stars,


We will again be hosting the City All Star Game in Memory of Coach Mike Gragnani.  The game will be Thursday April 5th at CCSF.   We will have a Girls' game at 6:00 and the Boys' Game at 7:30.  We will also have a 3-point shooting Contest and a Slam Dunk Contest.  Per CIF rules the game is limited to Seniors only.   We will provide the players with a t-shirt uniform that they keep and there will be trophies for the contest winners and the game MVP's.   The players participate for free but we do charge $5 for admission  for fans which covers the cost of the uniforms, trophies, referees and facility.  We typically break-even or lose a little money but if there is a profit it goes to our Bay Area Warriors non-profit.  We typically draw a good crowd and the Seniors have a lot of fun  (you can see some photos on our website).   It is a great way for us to bring the San Francisco basketball community together and for the Seniors to play a final fun game to end their high school careers.


I have compiled the roster of invitees below primarily by looking at the All-League Teams from the BCL, AAA and WCAL.  If you have other players who are deserving, please nominate them to me and we will try to include them.  In particular we typically need extra girl players.  We tend to be short girls players so any girls coaches who are willing to help me in the invitation process I would greatly appreciate it.  Also note we are likely going to invite some Girls players from the PAL to make sure we have a good showing.  Armando Pazos from Golden City will again be helping organize the Girls Game.


I need you to get me the contact info (cell phone (preferred) or e-mail address) for any of your players who are invited.  Please do this as soon as possible so I can give them as much notice as possible.


Thanks for your help!


Coach Randy Bessolo

University High School

415 418 4568



Boys All Stars


Spencer Spivy - University

Julian Manyika - University

Leo Hainline - University

Walter Lum - Lick

Dylan Moser - Lick

Royce Fong - Lick

Luca Cava - Lick

Leo Krinsky - Urban

Ari Gamstad - Urban

Finn Conway - Urban

Sam Kinney - Marin Academy

Owen Fahy - Stuart Hall

Brandon Beckman - S.I.

Darrion Trammell - S.I.

Matt Redmond - S.I.

Teddy Snyder - S.I.

Donovan Jones - S.I.

Gary Hudson - SHCP

Amin Ogelsby - SHCP

James Chun - Riordan

Watida Mukukula - Riordan

Travis Benham - Riordan

Anthony Oropeza - Riordan

Daniel Benjamin - Jefferson

Rodney Lawrence - Jefferson

Anthony McBride - Mission

U'Jah Pratt - Mission

Robert Lee - Mission

Adrian Otis - Mission

Abhishek Khadka - Lowell

Kevin Fok - Lowell

Ryan Gauthier - Lowell

Antonio Cole - Balboa

Joseph Medina - Lincoln

Kyle Yuen - Lincoln

Ben Tate - Galileo

Jerry Tang - Washington

Tevin Ho - Washington

Jalen Joiner - Washington

Michael Williams - Academy



Girls All Stars


Courtney Resch - University

Lauren Carothers-Liske - Lick

Lauren Rosenberg - Marin Academy

Lydia Sears - Urban

Errayanna Hatfield - SHCP

Yaniah Fleming - SHCP

Raina Smith - SHCP

Gianna Silvestri - SHCP

Alyssa Downs - S.I.

Georgia Madden - S.I.

Natalie Tuufuli - S.I.

Sunshine Margate - Mercy

Brianna Remo - Mercy

Adriana Zamora - Mercy

Mya Elkins - JCHS

Christine Partington - Bay

Madison Tabora - IHS

Naomi Maskowitz - JCHS

Kayla Buki - JCHS

Yasmin Jimenez - Lincoln

Fiona Tam - Lincoln

Olivia Pan - Lowell

Giselle Jimenez - Balboa

Litea Lelea - Balboa

Hallie Wu - Balboa

Kamari Simpson - Washington

Kianna Reynolds - Washington

Maya Lewis-Hampton - Leadership

Aniyah Rukiyah Mayfield - Leadership

Diane Madayag- Academy

Marlene Puni - Marshall

Desjone Fisher - Mission

Tilomai Pan - Marshall

Destiny Simpson - Mission

Warriors Announce 2018 AAU Schedule

2006 Warriors.jpg

 2018 Bay Area Warriors Schedule (17U, 16U and 15U)


Dates                           Event                                                   Location


March 18                     Work-out                                             UHS

March 25                     Work-out                                             UHS

March 30                     Work-out                                             UHS


April 7-8                      Lakeshow/Oakland Rebels                 East Bay


April 13-15                  Oakland Soldiers Extravaganza          East Bay


April 20-22                  SoCal Hoop Review                           Orange County

                                    (NCAA sanctioned)

                                    (16s and 15s play local)


April 27-29                  NorCal Spring Showcase                    Oakland

                                    (NCAA sanctioned)


May 18-20                   The City Championship                      San Francisco (CCSF)


May 26-28                   Hoop Review Memorial Day              Various Sites


Please note that we are taking most of June off so everyone can spend time with their high school teams and/or go to basketball camps


?????                           Work-outs                                           UHS


July 13-14                   NorCal Summer Tip-Off                     Livermore

                                    (NCAA sanctioned)               


July 19-21                   Pangos Cream of the Crop                  Orange County

                                    (NCAA sanctioned)(17s and 16s)


July 25-29                   BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic      Las Vegas

                                    (NCAA sanctioned)


Any questions, please call Coach Randy (415) 418-4568






13th Annual Sunday Mini-League Champs


The White team, coached by Spencer Spivy and Tark Duggal won the 13th Annual Sunday Mini-League Championship over the Gold Team coached by Julian Manyika.  All the games were high-scoring competitive and fun!  Congrats to the White Team!

In the 13 years the Bay Area Warriors have run the league there have been many great players play in the league including 8 who have gone on to play at D1 level  (see below).  


Bay Area Warriors

Mini-League Alumni



Noah Springwater - UHS, Columbia University (D1)

Johnny Mrlik - SI, Vassar College

Ikenna Nwadibia - SHHS, Kenyon College

Stephen Domingo - SI, Georgetown, Cal (D1)

Harold Getz - UHS, Lewis & Clark College

David Medoff - UHS, Haverford College (D1)

Samson Donnick - Redwood, M.I.T.

Taylor Johns - SHCP, UC Riverside (D1)

Jack Gale - UHS, Pomona College

Tony Caletti - BHS, Vassar College

Joe Slocum - SHCP, Alaska Fairbanks

Jiday Ugbaja - Riordan, Sacramento State (D1)

Jaren Yang - SI, Gordan College

Trevor Dunbar - SI, Washington State (D1)

Troy Rike - SI, Wake Forest (D1)

Kyle Roach - MA, Whitworth College

Sean Gilmore - UHS, Colby College

Mattie Mrlik - UHS, Vassar College

Andre Campbell - Urb, Oberlein College

Micah Elan - LW, Pomona College

Henry Feinberg - BHS, Williams College

Will Emery - SI, Dartmouth College (D1)


Warriors 17s, 16s and 15s Have Terrific 2017

The Bay Area Warriors closed out an impressive season with a 5-1 record and Final Four appearance in the Platinum Division of the BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic.  The prior wknd the Warriors had some impressive showings nearly upsetting some shoe company sponsored power programs including the Indiana Elite and Compton Magic in the Pangos Cream of the Crop Challenge in Orange County.  In both of those games the Ws led in the 4th quarter but could not hang on.  See video link below


In the first wknd of the summer evaluation the Ws went an impressive 4-0 in the HoopReview NorCal Showcase at CCSF.  On the Season the 17s went a very impressive 28-9 with almost all the losses being close games to sponsored powers.  The 17s also won two tournament Championships including the prestigious Oakland Rebels Easter Invitational.  Congrats to the 17s on a great season. 

The Bay Area Warrior 16s also had a productive season including going a strong 7-6 in the July Evaluation period in NCAA Sanctioned events.

They Bay Area 15s ended the year with an overall winning record and two tournament Championships including an NCAA Sanctioned NorCal Live event in April.

Congrats to the Warriors teams on a great 2017 Season!!!




IMG_1862.JPG (1).jpeg

Warriors 17s in Vegas Final Four

The Bay Area Warriors travelled to Las Vegas 7/26-30 to play in the NCAA Sanctioned BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic.  The Blue and Gold went an impressive 5-1 versus high level competition from around the country winning their pool and advancing to the Final Four of the Platinum Division.  The Warriors played before a lot of college coaches and had a lot of fun in a most productive trip.  The Warriors ended the Summer Evaluation period with a 11-4 record.  They were 28-9 for the Spring and Summer combined with almost all of the losses being close games to shoe company sponsored teams.  Congrats on a great trip to Las Vegas!