Rosters are Announced for 7th Annual City All Star Game on 5/2 at CCSF

5.3.13 I Phone 034
City All Stars,
We are less than a week away for the 7th Annual City All Star Game.  This will be a fun way for Seniors to end their high school career and to bring the San Francisco basketball community together.  It is also important because the game is in memory of Coach Mike Gragnani who was the Lincoln Head Coach and sadly passed away during the 2010-11 season.
You will just need to show-up at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to your game time.  The Girls will play at 5:30 and the Boys at approximately 7:00 pm.  We will provide a t-shirt uniform that you can keep as a thank you for participating.  You will need to bring your own shorts, shoes and game.  We will select an MVP of each game and provide an award.
We will be having a 3-point shooting contest for both the Girls and Boys.  Each participant will get 1 minute to make as many 3-pointers as they can with 2 balls and a rebounder.  The first round of the Girls contest will be before the Girls game at 5:00 and the Final round will be after the Girls Game.  If you want to participate just show up by 5:00.  Both rounds of the Boys 3-point contest will be after the Boys Game.  There will be a trophy for the winners
We will also have a Slam Dunk Contest before the Boys Game.  We will let the Boys teams warm-up in lay-up lines and then anyone who wants to participate will be given 30 seconds to score a dunk which will then be scored.  We typically have 3 rounds.  There will be a trophy for the winner.
Note, we do not charge you anything to participate in this event, but we do charge $5 for admission which is used to off-set our costs.  We typically break even but if there is a surplus it goes to our non-profit, Bay Area Warriors .  Please spread the word to your family, friends and teammates so we can get a supportive crowd
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We have divided the All Stars into Red and White Teams.  We keep players from the same schools together.  We reserve the right to make last minute adjustments, if necessary to balance the rosters.  Note I have been able to reach almost all of the invitees but please make sure your fellow HS teammates get the word just in case I have not been able to reach them.
If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Randy Bessolo
University HS and Bay Area Warriors
415 418 4568
Boys Red Team - Coached by Matt Jackson of Lincoln HS
Seth Snoddy - Lincoln
Da'vion Telfor - Lincoln
Kylan Jones - Lincoln
Tyree Marzetta - Lincoln
Evan Louie - Lowell
Sam Pollard - Lowell
Isaac Armstrong - Galileo
Abai Asmelash - Galileo
Troy Rike - St. Ignatius
Jack Gale - University
David Allen - Lick-Wilmerding
Kaneem Thorton - Lick-Wilmerding
Jiday Ugbaja - Riordan
Chiefy Ugbaja - Riordan
Zach Masoli - Riordan
Robert Valencia - Riordan
Justice Skolnik - Bay
Nik Inalsingh - Bay
Boys White Team - Coached by Dezebee Miles of Marshall HS
Jason Smith - Marshall
Mizell Parker - Marshall
Ibraheem Muhammed - Marshall
Lamar Anderson - Balboa
James Woods - Balboa
Armond Caradine - Mission
Khristian Chiles - Wallenberg
Malcom Bell - Washington
Ricky Lee Johnson - Washington
Harrison Golding - Urban
Alex Seutin - International
Elliott Beilin - International
Deondre Otis - Sacred Heart Cathedral
Liam O'Reilly - Sacred Heart Cathedral
Trevor Dunbar - St. Ignatius
Jaren Yang - St. Ignatius
Julian Marcu - St. Ignatius
Tristan Wentworth - St. Ignatius
Girls Red Team - Coached by Charlene Murphy of International HS
Natalie Kelly - International
Dannielle Palmer - International
Kassie Encinas - International
Veronica Henry - Burton
Alyssa DelaCruz - Burton
Annie Zhao - Burton
Cassidy Chan - Galileo
Sarah Lim - Galileo
Kim Fung - Galileo
Jane Marie Gunn - Galileo
Nancy Yu - Marshall
Tracy Yu - Marshall
Kayla Symanovich - University
Gabby Chua - University
Kim Tom - St. Ignatius
Quinci Mann - St. Ignatius
Paige Marquez - St. Ignatius
Girls White Team - Coached by Nate Lundy of Lick-Wilmerding HS
Aki Shurelds - Lick-Wilmerding
Toby Harris - Lick Wilmerding
Kelly Wong - Lowell
Kelly Eshima - Lowell
Mandy Che - Lowell
Triana Anderson - Lowell
Mari Kuwano - Washington
Amy Luong - Washington
Yvonne Faasavalu - Balboa
Ezra DeAsis - Lincoln
Cheray Piper - Lincoln
Alyssa Wu - Lincoln
Jaime Hum-Nishikado - Convent
Nicole Segura - Mercy
GeAnna Summers-Luaulu - SHCP
Kai'ree Howard - SHCP
Cassandra Friedrich - SHCP
Angela Dailey - SHCP