10th Annual City All Star Game - Thursday 4/6

The Bay Area Warriors and Golden City will be hosting the 10th Annual City All Star Game on Thursday April 6th at CCSF.  The game will again be held in Memory of the late Lincoln Coach Mike Gragnani who passed away in 2010.  We will have a Girls' game at 6:00 and the Boys' Game at 7:30.  We will also have a 3-point shooting Contest and a Slam Dunk Contest.  The Girls 3-point contest will start at 5:30 before the Girls Game.  The Boys 3-point contest will be after the Boys Game.  The Slam Dunk contest will be before the Boys Game.  Please see the rosters of invitees below.  Per CIF rules the game is limited to Seniors only. Invitees please confirm with Coach Randy that you can participate.  We will provide the players with a t-shirt uniform that they keep and there will be trophies for the contest winners and the game MVP's.   The players participate for free but we do charge $5 for admission  for fans which covers the cost of the uniforms, trophies, referees and facility. We typically draw a good and lively crowd and the Seniors have a lot of fun.   It is a great way for us to bring the San Francisco basketball community together and for the Seniors to play a final fun game to end their high school careers.  If you have questions or want to confirm your participation, please contact Coach Randy at 415 418 4568.

Boys All Stars


Niamey Harris, Mission

Jamian Wright, Mission

Jayden Foston, Mission

Tyrese Johnson, Mission

Isaac Finestone, Lowell

Amaan Shaikh, Lowell

Devin Dador, Washington

Surrey Hackett, Washington

Benson Chu, Washington

Dmer Johnson, Lincoln

DJ Manalang, Lincoln

Anton Arellano, Lincoln

Matthew Huang, Lincoln

Sam Minor, Balboa

Moises Sandovil, Riordan

Sean Palaad, Riordan

Daniel Begovich, SI

Arjun Gujral, SI

Nico Maclean-Vernic, SI

Romello Dunbar, SHCP

Ramzi Carter, SHCP

Jake Tulchinsky, University

Gunnar Black, University

Avi Leung, Lick

Chip Thompson, Lick

Izak Sheinfeld-Kandel, Urban

Darna Stewart, Stuart Hall

Jaden Newman, Stuart Hall

Jeremiah Sullivan, Stuart Hall

Owen Hackel, Stuart Hall

Nedu Anigbogu, Gateway

Nick Kossman, Gateway

Emmanuel Nwabueze, International

Drew Okimoto, International

Wayland Leung, Wallenberg

John Fiman, Bay

Ryan Treais, Bay





Girls All Stars (note we will also be adding some Girls All Stars from the PAL)


Iimar'i Thomas, SHCP

Edina Del Rosario, SHCP

Ayzhiana Basallo, SI

Maggie Burke, SI

Rika Baba, Washington

Samantha Lui, Washington

Jessica Nakano, Washington

Monica Tep, Washington

Larissa Wu, Lincoln

Angie Wong, Lincoln

Savanna Andrews, Lincoln

Madison Toy, Lowell

Audrey Ng, Lowell

Erin Li, Lowell

Erin Wilson, Mission

Kaliyah Hopkins, Mission

Alyssa Alvarez, Convent

Gia Monachino, Convent

Ally Arora Convent

Maya Burris, Lick

Zeli Ggrey, Lick

Claire Beckstoffer, Urban

Kaylah Breiz, Urban

Sara Starks, Drew

Scout Lansing, International

Amelia Belote-Broussard, Gateway

Noemi Franco, Gateway

Katie Partington, Bay

K. Bufka, Mercy

M. Jajeh, Mercy

S. Carrosco, Mercy

Jadyn Padrone,ICA

Richelle Matthews, ICA

Esther Liu, Balboa

Desiree Damian, Balboa

Demesha Boxley, Burton