8th Annual City All Star Game to Tip-Off Friday (5/1) Night

City All Stars,

We will have a t-shirt uniforms for all of your you but you will need to bring your own shorts (any color), shoes and game.

The Girls game will start at 5:30.  Please try to be at CCSF by 5:00.  We will name an MVP of each game who will get a trophy.  Last year's Girls Game MVP was Danielle Palmer of International

The Boys game is projected to start around 7:15 but you should strive to be at CCSF by 6:30. Note that because we have a lot of All Stars we will play a 20-minute stopped clock game.  Last year's MVP was Deondre Otis of SHCP.

We will have the Girls and Boys 3-point contests after their respective games.  In the three point contest each shooter will have one minute to make as many 3s as they can with 2 balls, a passer and a rebounder.  There will be a first round and final round (top 4).  There will be a trophy for the 3-point champions.  last years Champions were Nik Inalsingh of Bay and Jaime Hum-Nishikado of Convent.

We will have a slam dunk contest tentatively before the Boys Game but we may move it to half time if we are running late.  We give each dunker 30 seconds to make a dunk that each judge will score 1-10.  Highest aggregate scores advance.   We typically go three rounds but that depends on the number of contestants.  There will be a trophy for the Dunk Contest.  Last year's winner was Liam O'Reilly from SHCP.

There will be a $5 cost of admission for the fans which helps us recover our costs for the uniforms, trophies, referees, etc.  We usually break even but if there is a net gain the proceeds go to the Bay Area Warriors non-profit.  Please help spread the word to your family, friends and teammates so we can get a supportive crowd.

Note the game will again be held in memory of Coach Michael Gragnani who coached at Lincoln and SI.

The rosters are below but note we reserve the right to rebalance the teams at the last minute.  We strive to put the players from the same schools on the same teams.  If you have not done so already, please RSVP.  It is a real exercise for me to track all the invitees down so please look at the rosters and if you know any of the other invitees, please encourage them (girl invitees in particular) to participate.

This game is a lot of fun to bring the greater San Francisco basketball community together and have a lot of fun in a final High School Game.   Thanks for participating.

Coach Randy Bessolo

University HS and Bay Area Warriors

415 418 4568

Girls Red Team coached by Mary Hile from University HS

Katie Lo, University

Sarah Fenberg, University

Sydney Raggio, St. Ignatius

Joleen Yang, St. Ignatius

Tyler Brown, St. Ignatius

Josie Little, St. Ignatius

Brianna Beckman, St. Ignatius

Erin Hanley, St. Ignatius

Janessa Manzano, St. Ignatius

Jessie Trieu, Balboa

Brianna Tompkins, Balboa

Lynelle Magnt, ICA

Leigh Pomerantz, Marin Academy

Ruth Cho, Marin Academy

Alex Ahrens, Bay

Michelle Chui, Bay

Tamirah Galloread, Drew

Ruby Holman, Drew

Girls White Team coached by Greg Hom of Lick-Wilmerding HS

Sabrina Larsen, Lick-Wilmerding

Julia Thompson, Lick-Wilmerding (not able to attend)

Michelle Gee, Lick-Wilmerding (not able to attend)

Kayla Coloyan, SHCP

A'Shanti Coleman, SHCP

Gabrielle Vigil, SHCP

Kaimani Perez, SHCP

Allyson Lui, Lowell

Karina Gaarzona, Lowell (not able to attend)

Kiki Nakano, Washington

Charme Nordzee, Washington

Marissa Louie, Galileo

Karen Wong, Galileo

Natalie Sears, Urban (unable to attend)

Vicky Veleshae, Urban

Cassidy Elkins, Urban

Cienna Gray, International

Taylor Mcneil, Mercy

Gabby Jajeh, Mercy

Nelly Escobar, Mercy

Jazzlyn Mortan, Gateway

Emma Sterns, Waldorff

Maya Silverman, Waldorff

Boys Red Team coached by Jolinko Lassiter of Washington HS

Darren Ho, Washington

Ernest Moore, Washington

Armani Hall, Washington

Ross Baba, Washington

Minkya Park, Washington

Deniel Butler, Wallenberg

Ryomo Ono, Wallenberg

Tareez Blaylock, Lincoln

Devyn Dao, Lincoln

Karim Ndiaye, Riordan

Michael Johnson, Riordan

Christian Banks, Riordan (not able to attend)

Max Randall, Riordan (not able to attend)

Rob Colton, Riordan

Armani Collins, Stuart Hall

Tyler Ryan, Stuart Hall

Pavlos Peritos, Stuart Hall

Will Hackel, Stuart Hall

Rowen Williams, Urban

Eddie Lieberman, Urban

Charlie Boone, Drew

Boys White Team coached by Carl Jacobs of Lowell HS

Soren Carpenter, Lowell

Antonio Hughes, Lowell

David Parsons, SHCP

Omari Brown, SHCP

Dom Burke, St. Ignatius

Sam Esser, Balboa

Jerrell Stancil, Mission

Marcel Walderon, Marshall

Johny Caples, Jordan

Brandon Lew, University

Naod Sebhatleab, University

Ethan Lampert, University

Brian Palmigiano, University (not able to attend)

Aaron Long, Lick-Wilmerding

Kyle Roach, Marin Academy

Connor Roach, Marin Academy

Star Katz, Marin Academy

Patch Johanson (not able to attend)

Phillip Lassen, International

John Ludeke, Bay

Trigg Hurley, Bay