Class of 2017 Shines Bright in City All Star Game

The 10th Annual City All Star Game was a lot of fun for the Class of 2017 and there were a lot of bright stars.  We also took time to remember the late Lincoln Coach Mike Gragnani. 

The White Team led by the State Champion Mission Bears pulled out a 107 to 106 thriller over Red which was led by a great performance by SHCP point guard Mello Dunbar.  In addition to the Mission stars who made big plays down the stretch, White was paced by Surrey Hackett of Wash who hit 7 3-pointers in the game.  There were a lot of dunks throughout the game and a lot of back and forth non-stop action.  Niamey Harris of Mission was the Game MVP.

The Girls Game was won 92 to 72 by Red but the game was close throughout with the White Team leading in the 2nd half until University of Cincinnati commit IImar'I Thomas (SHCP) took over and dominated down the stretch with help from Ayzhiana Basallo (SI) and Sali Longa (Oceana).  IImar'I was the Game MVP

Ayzhiana Basallo of St. Ignatius was the Girls' 3-Point Champion and Daniel Begovich of St. Ignatius won the Boys' 3-Point Contest

Emanuel Nwabueze electrified the crowd and won the Slam Dunk Contest.  Emanuel also had some spectacular dunks in the game.

Best of luck to the Class of 2017.