11 Annual City All Game on April 5th - Rosters Announced


Coaches, ADs and City All Stars,


We will again be hosting the City All Star Game in Memory of Coach Mike Gragnani.  The game will be Thursday April 5th at CCSF.   We will have a Girls' game at 6:00 and the Boys' Game at 7:30.  We will also have a 3-point shooting Contest and a Slam Dunk Contest.  Per CIF rules the game is limited to Seniors only.   We will provide the players with a t-shirt uniform that they keep and there will be trophies for the contest winners and the game MVP's.   The players participate for free but we do charge $5 for admission  for fans which covers the cost of the uniforms, trophies, referees and facility.  We typically break-even or lose a little money but if there is a profit it goes to our Bay Area Warriors non-profit.  We typically draw a good crowd and the Seniors have a lot of fun  (you can see some photos on our website).   It is a great way for us to bring the San Francisco basketball community together and for the Seniors to play a final fun game to end their high school careers.


I have compiled the roster of invitees below primarily by looking at the All-League Teams from the BCL, AAA and WCAL.  If you have other players who are deserving, please nominate them to me and we will try to include them.  In particular we typically need extra girl players.  We tend to be short girls players so any girls coaches who are willing to help me in the invitation process I would greatly appreciate it.  Also note we are likely going to invite some Girls players from the PAL to make sure we have a good showing.  Armando Pazos from Golden City will again be helping organize the Girls Game.


I need you to get me the contact info (cell phone (preferred) or e-mail address) for any of your players who are invited.  Please do this as soon as possible so I can give them as much notice as possible.


Thanks for your help!


Coach Randy Bessolo

University High School

415 418 4568



Boys All Stars


Spencer Spivy - University

Julian Manyika - University

Leo Hainline - University

Walter Lum - Lick

Dylan Moser - Lick

Royce Fong - Lick

Luca Cava - Lick

Leo Krinsky - Urban

Ari Gamstad - Urban

Finn Conway - Urban

Sam Kinney - Marin Academy

Owen Fahy - Stuart Hall

Brandon Beckman - S.I.

Darrion Trammell - S.I.

Matt Redmond - S.I.

Teddy Snyder - S.I.

Donovan Jones - S.I.

Gary Hudson - SHCP

Amin Ogelsby - SHCP

James Chun - Riordan

Watida Mukukula - Riordan

Travis Benham - Riordan

Anthony Oropeza - Riordan

Daniel Benjamin - Jefferson

Rodney Lawrence - Jefferson

Anthony McBride - Mission

U'Jah Pratt - Mission

Robert Lee - Mission

Adrian Otis - Mission

Abhishek Khadka - Lowell

Kevin Fok - Lowell

Ryan Gauthier - Lowell

Antonio Cole - Balboa

Joseph Medina - Lincoln

Kyle Yuen - Lincoln

Ben Tate - Galileo

Jerry Tang - Washington

Tevin Ho - Washington

Jalen Joiner - Washington

Michael Williams - Academy



Girls All Stars


Courtney Resch - University

Lauren Carothers-Liske - Lick

Lauren Rosenberg - Marin Academy

Lydia Sears - Urban

Errayanna Hatfield - SHCP

Yaniah Fleming - SHCP

Raina Smith - SHCP

Gianna Silvestri - SHCP

Alyssa Downs - S.I.

Georgia Madden - S.I.

Natalie Tuufuli - S.I.

Sunshine Margate - Mercy

Brianna Remo - Mercy

Adriana Zamora - Mercy

Mya Elkins - JCHS

Christine Partington - Bay

Madison Tabora - IHS

Naomi Maskowitz - JCHS

Kayla Buki - JCHS

Yasmin Jimenez - Lincoln

Fiona Tam - Lincoln

Olivia Pan - Lowell

Giselle Jimenez - Balboa

Litea Lelea - Balboa

Hallie Wu - Balboa

Kamari Simpson - Washington

Kianna Reynolds - Washington

Maya Lewis-Hampton - Leadership

Aniyah Rukiyah Mayfield - Leadership

Diane Madayag- Academy

Marlene Puni - Marshall

Desjone Fisher - Mission

Tilomai Pan - Marshall

Destiny Simpson - Mission