14th Annual Sunday Mini-League to Start 11/11/18


Parents and Coaches,

Thanks for participating in my previous camps and/or leagues.

Once again via my non-profit Bay Area Warriors Club program, we will be running our 14th Annual Sunday Mini-League on November 11th, 18th and 25th from roughly 10 am to 1 pm in the University High School Gym at 3185 Washington Street.  The Mini-League is geared towards 7th and 8th grade boys and is a great way for the players to get ready for their school season and have fun playing basketball.  Here is the schedule:

November 11th from 10 am to 12:30 - We will divide the players into teams and teach them "how to play" tactics and then have them play a series of mini-games

November 18th - Each team will play a game at a scheduled time between 10 am and 1 pm.

November 25th - Each team will play a semi-final game at 10 or 11 with the two winners playing in a League Championship Game at 12 noon

We keep the cost an affordable $30 (or $10 per day) and can scholarship players if necessary.  The fee covers our costs and any net proceeds go to our non-profit that supports our Bay Area Warriors high school club program.  If your son can only make one or two of the days we can still include them but you need to let me know which days they will be with us.

As mentioned above this will be the 14th year we have run this league and the games are always competitive, high scoring and fun.  As you can see below on our alumni list we have had a lot of players from the league go on to star at the high school level and play in college.

If you are interested in signing up your son, please print up the attached flier and fill it out.  You can return a scanned copy or photo of the registration page via email.  You can pay the $30 via PayPal using info@bayareawarriors.org.  Alternatively you can mail the form and a check made out to Bay Area Warriors to 50 San Rafael Way, SF, CA 94127.

Please help spread the word to your son's school and AAU teammates so we can get a great group of players again.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. 


Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

Mini-League Alumni:

Noah Springwater - UHS, Columbia University (D1)

Johnny Mrlik - SI, Vassar College

Ikenna Nwadibia - SHHS, Kenyon College

Stephen Domingo - SI, Georgetown, Cal (D1)

Harold Getz - UHS, Lewis & Clark College

David Medoff - UHS, Haverford College

Samson Donnick - Redwood, M.I.T.

Taylor Johns - SHCP, UC Riverside (D1)

Jack Gale - UHS, Pomona College

Tony Caletti - BHS, Vassar College

Joe Slocum - SHCP, Alaska Fairbanks

Jiday Ugbaja - Riordan, Sacramento State (D1)

Jaren Yang - SI, Gordan College

Trevor Dunbar - SI, Washington State (D1)

Troy Rike - SI, Wake Forest (D1)

Kyle Roach - MA, Whitworth College

Sean Gilmore - UHS, Colby College

Mattie Mrlik - UHS, Vassar College

Andre Campbell - Urb, Oberlein College

Micah Elan - LW, Pomona College

Henry Feinberg - BHS, Williams College

Will Emery - SI, Dartmouth College (D1)

Julian Manyika – UHS, M.I.T.

Spencer Spivy - UHS, Williams College