2016 City All Star Game a Blast for Seniors

Thanks to all the Seniors who played in the 9th Annual 2016 City All Star Game at CCSF.  The game was held in memory of the late Lincoln HS Coach Mike Gragnani who passed in 2011.  Special Thanks to Coaches - Mary Hile-Nepfel of University, Maya Fok of Urban, Arnold Zeleya of Mission and Clint Ladine of Burton!


The Girls game was won by the Red team which was led by game MVP Nina Bessolo of Castro Valley.  The White team led by Nahrie Pierce of St. Ignatius made it close at times but Red Pulled away down the stretch to win 76 to 68.

The Boys Game was a thriller with several big comebacks but in the end the White team pulled it out 111 to 108.  Red had a couple looks at the buzzer from 3 but could not knock them down.  Yasin Muhammed from Gateway was the MVP knocking down 5 consecutive 3-pointers in a 2nd half comeback.  Eddie Stansberry wowed the crowd throughout gliding to the rim and knocking down several Steph Curry range 3 pointers.  Will Emery excited the crowd with several authoritative dunks.  Zeke Crawford and David Loville also had some crowd pleasing dunks.

Maddie Hatch of St. Ignatius won the Girls 3-point contest, while Jack Coulter of St. Ignatius won the Boys 3-point Contest.

Will Emery of St. Ignatius won the Dunk Contest over Ike Anigbogu from Gateway in the Finals. 

Overall all the Seniors played great and had a lot of fun.  Mike Gragnani would have been very pleased and is missed dearly.