9th Annual City All Star Game to be held April 29th at CCSF

The Bay Area Warriors will again be hosting the City All Star Game in Memory of Mike Gragnani.  The game will be Friday 4/29 at CCSF.   We will have a Girls' game at 6:00 and the Boys' Game at 7:30.  Players should arrive 30 minutes before game time.  We will also have 3-point shooting Contests and a Slam Dunk Contest before the Boys game.  Per CIF rules the game is limited to Seniors only.   We will provide the players with a t-shirt uniform that they keep and there will be trophies for the contest winners and the game MVP's.   The players participate for free but we do charge $5 for admission  for fans which covers the cost of the uniforms, trophies, referees and facility.  We typically break-even or lose a little money but if there is a profit it goes to our Bay Area Warriors non-profit.  We typically draw a good crowd and the Seniors have a lot of fun(you can see some photos of last years games on our website) .   It is a great way for us to bring the San Francisco basketball community together and for the Seniors to play a final fun game to end their high school careers.   The All Star Invitees are listed below.   Please contact coach Randy at 415 418 4568 to confirm your participation


Boys City All Stars:


Clayton Ladine, Burton

Dharen Paulino, Burton

Larry Ware, Burton

Joseph Grima, Lincoln

David Loville, Lincoln

Giovanni Mendoza-Ngo, Lincoln

Lavertis Stallings, Mission

Frank Hall, Mission

Anthony Porter, Mission

Jeff Branner, Mission

Jeremiah Batiste, Washington

Jesse Mathews, Washington

John Overturf Washington

Bryan Duong, Washington

Na'im Pickett, Lowell

Nic Gee, Lowell

Caleb Hilladakis, Lowell

Mjaye Lozano, Balboa

Baltizar Mago, Balboa

Zack Wong, Balboa

Noah Consul, ISA

Sidy Sissoko, Leadership

Andre Campbell, Jr., Urban

Nick Lacey, Urban

Austin Brenner, Urban

Jordan Cole, Urban

Micah Elan, Lick

Sean Gilmore, University

Mattie Mrlik, University

Ryan Lipton, University

Zeke Crawford, Stuart Hall

Axavier Byrd, Stuart Hall

Elijah Enis, Gateway

Ike Anigbogu, Gateway

Sterling Biard, Gateway

Yasin Muhammed, Gateway

Will Emery, St. Ignatius

David Saadatnezhadi, St. Ignatius

Jack Coulter, St. Ignatius

Eric Galindo, Riordan

Eddie Stansberry, Riordan

Jason Smith, Riordan

Jamar Williams-Shepard, SHCP

Duncan Rocha, Drew



Girls City All Stars:


Francesca Baldwin, Lowell

Tiffany Lowe, Lowell

Brandi Wong, Lowell

Desiree Damian, Balboa

Nina Joyner, Lincoln

Casandra Tam, Lincoln

Kaitlyn Bui, Lincoln

Yurika Castillian, Lincoln

Gisela Chin, Washington

Simone House, Washington

Ronnette Herico, ICA

Emani Hall, Mission

Desiree Isles, Wallenberg

Nicole Sato, Wallenberg

Savanna Kofe, Burton

Kendall You Mak, Bay

Amara Norman, Bay

Kendall Sui, Bay

Alegrio Chimel, Gateway

Paola Lean, Gateway

Caroline James, Drew

Frankie Sedar, Drew

CJ Catina, Urban

Kira Waldman, Urban

Chloe Parker, Urban

Iona Tangri, Urban

Maggie Chau, University

Sara Cami, University

Jasmine Sorrells, International 

Nahrie Pierce, St. Ignatius

Marissa Fong, SI

Marie Paul, SI

Emma Lucey, SI

Madeline Hatch, SI

Hanna Lee, SI

Daisha Mayfield, SHCP

Shannon Chau, Mercy

Lina Bitar, Mercy