Partnership Announced: Bay City Warriors


Bay Area Warriors & Bay City Basketball Partnership:

Two of San Francisco's top boys high school AAU programs have decided to collaborate to form one strong brand.  This exciting new program will provide San Francisco Bay Area high school players with an excellent program that specializes in development and placing players in all levels of college basketball. (D1/D2/D3, high academic, etc) .  The program will feature local high school coaches that have experience coaching high school basketball, played college basketball and are dedicated to helping the kids succeed on and off the court.

The mission of the Bay City Warriors is to educate and help youth develop athletic skills while gaining a level of confidence and self-esteem that they can use on and off the court. The organization aims to serve the youth of San Francisco- Bay Area and mentor young student athletes regardless of their economic status. 



High School Tryout Schedule

Program Description and Schedule:

Bay City Warriors 2019 Schedule - click link to view

Our Bay City Warriors Teams are for experienced high school basketball players that want to play college basketball and are extremely serious about their basketball development.

In addition, we will help the players gain exposure and get seen by college coaches / scouts in the highest quality viewing tournaments and high academic camps. 

In 2019, the NCAA has re-organized their live period schedule and there are only two periods in which AAU teams are allowed to be viewed by D1 college coaches.

During those periods we will be attending camps and tournaments that we feel will be best for our specific players level of exposure.  

We have carefully added additional tournaments/camps in which D2/D3 and JUCO coaches will be in attendance that are outside the "Live Period".

The Bay City Warriors will wear Adidas uniforms and gear but be an independent team for 2019.  This means we will attend the tournaments and camps in which we feel will best benefit our players no matter what company or brand is running the event. This gives us more flexibility to schedule what is best for our teams and players.

We will offer the following services to Bay City Warriors players:

  • Identify the necessary skill improvements to taking your game to the collegiate level, and immediately begin helping you train and improve those skills

  • Counsel players on the appropriate schools/level of college basketball they should pursue 

  • Assist in contacting and developing relationships with college coaches 

  • Putting you in front of college coaches to get the proper level of exposure that is right for you.

  • Expanding leadership skills on and off the court

  • Facilitate the production of highlight tapes and social media promotion where approproate



Randy Bessolo
Program Director & Head Coach 17u

Randy Bessolo is one of the Bay Area's most accomplished coaches and has a proven track record of getting his players to play in college. He will be leading the program and is committed to helping ALL Bay City Warriors players get recruited whenever possible.

Bay Area Warriors Alumni

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Matt Durell
Program Director & 16u Head Coach

Coach Durell's Bay City Select 2019 team last year featured 12 players that potentially will play college basketball in 2019-2020.  Matt has 10 years of high school basketball coaching experience and has coached and organized AAU for an additional 15 years.

He has coached in multiple national viewing tournaments on the west coast and has developed numerous college coaching connections along the way.

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Jon Shogan
Bay City Youth Director & 15u Head Coach

Jon has been a varsity basketball coach for the past 6 years at Jewish Community HS.

Coach Shogan has also been coaching with Bay City youth program for 8 years and led the 2019 14u Select team to an amazing season in which they won several tournaments and succeeded at the highest level of AAU.

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