12th Annual City All Star Game on 4/5 at CCSF


We will be hosting the 12th Annual City All Star Game on Friday April 5th at CCSF.   The Girls Game will tip-off at 5:30 and the Boys game at 7:00 pm.  The Game will once again be played in the Memory coach Mike Gragnani who passed away in 2010.  Per CIF rules the game will only include Seniors.   We will also have a dunk and 3 point shooting contest.  There is no charge to participate and the players get to keep their uniform.  We do charge $5 admission to help cover our costs.  We typically break even and if there are net proceeds they are donated to the Bay Area Warriors non-profit. 

I have made a list of invitees based on the All-League Teams from the AAA, BCL and WCAL and my first hand knowledge.  If you have any Seniors who you think are also deserving, please send me a nomination with some background information and we will add them provided roster space is available.

If you have a player on the invite list, please get me their phone number and/or email address so I can invite them directly.  If you prefer, you can forward this to them ask them to contact me at 415 418 4568.

Note we always get a quick response and great participation from the Boys invitees.  It is always more work to get a response from the Girls invitees.  Any help rallying the girls is greatly appreciated.  We also may invite some Girls All Stars from the PAL.

This event has been a great way to bring players together from the Public, Private and Catholic Leagues, a lot of fun and a great way for the Seniors to end their high school careers.

Thanks for your help!

Coach Randy Bessolo

415 418 4568

University HS

Bay Area Warriors

Boys City All Stars Invitees:

Chime Ugbaja, Riordan

Justice Turner, Riordan

Zac Quanico, Riordan

Desean Johnson, Riordan

Elijah Flowers, SHCP

Oisin McCormak, SHCP

Cedric Reed, SHCP

Lawvan Johns, SHCP

Neal Begovich, SI

Sam Nangle, SI

Wrenn Robinson, SI

Garrett Cason, SI

Ben Knight, Mission

Jaraughn Torno, Mission

David Sonnier, Mission

Jackie Luong, Washington

Da'Jon Aranas, Washington

Zachary Polianos, Washington

Luke Yoda, Galileo

Shakur Blaylock, Lincoln

Pajri Samhi, Lincoln

Gabino Valdivia, Lincoln

Alex Mueller, Balboa

Shaakir Malik, Balboa

Emani Morris, Balboa

Jace Ng. Lowell

Laray Crossley, Walllenberg

Max Fried, University

Charley Moore, University

Reese Johnson, University

Jacques McFadeen, University

Alex Byrd, Stuart Hall

Miles Amos, Stuart Hall

Spencer O'Brien-Steele, Stuart Hall

Sam Faber, Marin Academy

Zach Johnson, Lick Wilmerding

Finn Horrowitz, Lick Wilmerding

Moze Thurmgreene, JCHS

Toby Holm, JCHS

Ian Antuk, Gateway

Juanito Cruz, International

Marquez Costiano, Jefferson

JJ Cruz, Jefferson

Girls City All Stars Invitees

Talo Li-Uperesa, SHCP

Kayla Yasukawa, SHCP

Madeline Ennis, SI

Kerry Fitzgerald, SI

Dara Murphy, SI

Katelyn "KD" Lee, Lowell

Lauren Chan, Lowell

Alisa Petalver, Lowell

Crystal Luu, Lowell

Alyson Lee, Lowell

Sara Kamita, Mission

Lily Donova, Lincoln

Francesca Cornell, Lincoln

Ainsley Sanidad, Balboa

Kimberly Kam, Burton

Eve Nguyen, Washington

Sharon Yang, Washington

Jaya Peleseuma, Academy

Nia Jones, Academy

Nicole Gonzales, Galileo

Mikayla Amoroso, Wallenberg

Kamiah Brown, Wallenberg

Christine Luo-Weng, Wallenberg

Jessica Castaneda, ICA

Ashlyn Simbe, ICA

Lily Battat, University

Grace Feinberg, University

Ella Pearl, University

Samantha Foong, Lick Wilmerding

Mason Cooney, Convent

Adriana Zamora, Mercy

Brenda Escobar, Mercy

Kamryn You Mak, Bay

Cameron Burns, Bay

Phoebe Brown, Bay

Juliana Shin, Interenational

Tianji Lukins, International

Alessandra Aceves, Gateway

Kaitlyn Tran, Drew

Stella Kahn, Drew

Valeria Martinez, Oceana